Popularly recalled as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg is an interesting hill station situated in the state of Karnataka. This means residents of the city of Bangalore have the easiest access to the town. For those who wish to take a breather from city life to a sweet scented town with abundance of greenery, Coorg is a must visit no matter how long the journey.

During your ride here you’ll traverse through coffee plantations since Coorg is famous for its coffee. Make sure you stop for a cup when you get the inviting aroma of Arabica coffee.  There’s no doubt that your visit here will be pleasant on a bike but let’s look at how you can maximize your time well while exploring Coorg.

Best Time To Visit Coorg On A Motorbike

The pro of visiting Coorg is that the weather here is pleasant all year round. So, you don’t need to intensely mark out your calendar for a trip to Coorg but you could visit when you feel like.

Keep in mind that most tourists choose to visit the town in the summers which is from March to June. This is mainly because other cities get pretty hot in the summer months and Coorg is a safe haven to escape the heat. The lower average temperature you can expect in the summers is 12°C to 14°C and the higher average is 26°C to 35°C.

Just a heads up that people also don’t prefer the winters and monsoon months because of the mist cover. You would definitely feel like the presence of candy clouds all the time but the downside is that it obstructs the beautiful views of Coorg.

Best Places To Visit In Coorg On A Motorbike

1. Abbey Falls

 Abbey Falls is a famous waterfall that first time visitors of Coorg should consider visiting especially in the monsoons. Wondering how to get here? So, if you keep your base ground as Madikeri which is the capital of Coorg, you’d be able to get to Abbey Falls in less than 15 minutes. Remember that the road leading up to the waterfall point is breathtaking but you might find yourself surrounded by tourists once you get there.

If you’re looking to escape the crowd, we suggest that you ride a little bit ahead and around the falls, this should be pretty easy with the company of a bike. You would then come across multiple coffee estates. Whether or not you’re someone that likes coffee, it’s easy to find the scenery of a coffee plantation interesting. This is why we recommend taking a few rounds exploring the area beyond Abbey Falls and not just sticking to seeing the falls.

2. Mandalpatti Peak

Mandalpatti is the second highest peak in Coorg and if you want to catch a beautiful sunset, then this is the place to set foot. The road to the peak is muddy and rugged, you’ll pass points where you’re no longer on a smooth concrete road so you have to be careful. All we’re saying is that brace yourself for some off roading kind of experience en route to Mandalpatti Peak.

We’d also like to give you a heads up that there’s certain tourist jeeps that would constantly be making rounds and dropping people off the base point of the mountain. These jeeps know the road well and almost own the road while driving, so make way for them to pass so you don’t have any issues. Once you park your bike at the base of the trek and make your way to the top, you’d probably say to yourself that it’s no wonder that Coorg is dubbed to be the Scotland of India.

3. Chiklihole Dam

 Now this is a location to pick if you like taking the road less travelled. It’s an off beat spot that doesn’t often show up on tourist lists of things to see in Coorg which makes it a hidden gem. So, if you want a break from crowds and want to get away to a spot that’s quiet and serene, choose riding to Chiklihole Dam.

It would approximately take you less than an hour to get here with Madikeri as your starting point. The dam’s architecture is pretty unique so you should walk the entire length of it after parking your bike aside.

4. Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat which literally translates to King’s Seat was once upon a time a place of recreation only suited for royal kings. Today, the place welcomes one and all but still holds an essence that makes it seem more worthy of attention than the other places on this list.

We suggest visiting this place last since it is a relaxing park to unwind and take in the fabulous views of Coorg. Residents here flock to capture the sunset and you could end your sightseeing in this lovely park where kings once took a seat. The park is well-manicured and has restrooms. You’ll have to pay a fee to enter the area but it’s a very small amount for the views you get to capture. At Raja’s Seat, you’ll get an understanding of the locals’ way of life and you can also try some authentic cuisine after strolling the area around the park.

Things To Remember

It is fairly easy to explore the Coorg area, it’s a small town and you should remember that the entire region is divided into 3 portions – Madikeri, Virajpet and Somwarpet. If you’re visiting Coorg for the first time, we’d suggest keeping Madikeri as your base. From this vantage point, you’ll be able to reach all the points of interest much more easily.

We’d also like to point out that Coorg gets a lot of visitors. Some places are famous for sunsets and others for sunrises, tourists know about this and crowd these spots even more. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy crowds, try visiting at another time. Also ensure that you remind yourself that you’d be sharing the road with tourist jeeps and buses. Be mindful of them so that you have a safe journey!

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