Part of the famed ‘Golden Triangle’ route of India, Jaipur is the glorious meeting of chaos and culture. Its innumerable forts and royal heritage are the backdrop to the constant hustle of people, vehicles and livestock. But wait – if you’re picturing narrow, dusty lanes that are more curvy than straight, you’ve got it all wrong! Being India’s first planned city, Jaipur’s roads are wide, just like in any other major Indian city. This makes it a great destination to be explored by bike! Don’t have a bike of your own? We’re here to help. In the meantime, read up about exploring Jaipur on a bike and chalk out your route through the Pink City.

The great part about Jaipur is that it is filled with palaces, forts, and other sights to see, all within an easy proximity of each other. This city has seen so many wars and victories, kings and rulers, that it is dotted with many historical sites. Riding a motorbike to each of these is effortless, and makes for a great way to discover the city.

Best Time To Visit Jaipur

As with any new location, figuring out the best time to visit has to be a priority. You don’t want to go riding around in the scorching heat which Jaipur experiences. The best time to visit Jaipur is from October to March. It is the winter season, and you’ll actually need a few woolies as temperatures can drop to 5°C or lower. It can get really frigid here. However, this is also peak tourist season. If you want to avoid the crowds then travel in July or August. These months face the beginning of the monsoon, and while you get the occasional shower in the latter half of the day, it should be fine to ride around.

The Golden Triangle of Jaipur: City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal

Whenever you’re exploring a new destination, parking often proves to be a challenge. There’s nothing worse than driving around for what feels like forever, looking for parking, or even worse, your bike being towed! Keeping that in mind, we’ve grouped these three fantastic sites into Jaipur’s very own Golden Triangle.
Jaipur City Palace

The City Palace is located in the center of Jaipur, and is quite literally the heart of the city. As old as the city itself, its centralized location makes it easy for anyone to reach here, irrespective of where your accommodation is. In the palace, royalty lives on, as the last ruling royal family resides in an exclusive part. Now, the important part: the City Palace has two public entrance gates. The Udai Pol entrance has the facility of paid parking, so we recommend heading here to begin your journey into the past.

Jantar Mantar

Right next to the City Palace is the fascinating Jantar Mantar. Translating to Magical Instruments, what you see is not magic but the advanced scientific genius of the Rajput kings. It boasts the world’s largest sundial, and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best part about the Jantar Mantar is that it is walking distance from the City Palace. Once your bikes are safely parked at the City Palace parking lot, you can just head on to Jantar Mantar as well as the famed Hawa Mahal.

Hawa Mahal

The Hawa Mahal is a must-see and is at a comfortable 10-minute walking distance from Jantar Mantar. It is a honeycomb-like structure, constructed in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. Its distinctive shape enabled the ladies of the royal household to look out into the streets, without the public being able to see them. Since it is so close to the City Palace, you can have a carefree morning taking in the sights, while your bikes remain in the safety of the City Palace parking facility.

Jal Mahal

Located in the middle of the Man Sagar lake, the Jal Mahal, or Water Palace, is a sight to behold. While you cannot actually enter the palace, you can sit across the lake for an unforgettable view. The Palace looks especially stunning at night, which is why we’ve recommended it! Ride around feasting on delicious Jaipur street food, then ride up to the Jal Mahal for the perfect end to your day. Make sure you get there before 9, as that’s when the lights go out.

Alternatively, head there for a spectacular sunrise! The best part about the Jal Mahal is that there’s no opening time to the view. It is a 30-minute ride from the City Palace, so you can start your day here, munch on some street food and drink amazing lassi for breakfast, and then head to the City Palace.

Bapu Bazaar And More

Jaipur is known for its store of gems and handicraft items. And one of the best places to stock up on handicrafts is the famous Bapu Bazaar. It is fairly close to the City Palace, making it just as easily accessible. Bapu bazaar has shops lined with practically everything, and a visit to Jaipur is incomplete without going here. In addition to some shopping, the street food in Jaipur is a must-have. There’s street food available practically all around, especially at locations like Masala Chowk and the falooda at Bapu Bazaar is to die for.

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Additional Tips For Exploring Jaipur On A Bike

It is important to pack according to when you plan on visiting Jaipur. This is especially important, as riding a bike exposes you to the elements a lot more, as compared to sitting in a car. If you’re going in the winter season, make sure you carry enough warm clothes, and something to keep your ears covered. Early mornings and nights are much colder than the day, so carry a few extra jackets if you’ll be riding back to your accommodation late at night.

In the summers, Jaipur is extremely hot. Ideally avoid the afternoon sun, as the heat will make riding tiring. Avoid carrying too much luggage when exploring Jaipur by bike as it will only weigh you down. Remember that the easily-maneuverable bikes give you a lot more freedom to explore than driving in a car. Go beyond the additional sights to simply ride around at will, taking detours through Jaipuri gullies, and truly discover the essence of Jaipur. Ask locals for off-the-chart sights, or simply keep the trusty Google Maps open.

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When in Jaipur, definitely stop whenever you see some street food as it is to die for. Are you planning the Jaipur trip with friends who don’t have bikes of their own? Or looking out to rent a bike yourself? Look no further, we’re here for you. Don’t let the availability of a bike ruin your days biking around in Jaipur.