Notice how bikes in Mumbai always take the frontline at a traffic signal? It’s almost like all the bikers are part of a race of their own and let go of the clutch in union as soon as the signal turns green. They beat the monstrous traffic and keep cool because they aren’t feeling like they are part of a bumper to bumper traffic jam. Now this is one of the biggest reasons to rent a bike in Mumbai.

But wait we’ve just scratched the surface, if you already live here, you’ll know that there’s got to be more reasons why a two-wheeler is a Mumbaiker’s best friend.

Reasons To Rent A Bike In Mumbai

1. Bikes Are Fuel Efficient And Give More Mileage

Yes, you don’t necessarily need to make 2-3 stops at a petrol station if you rent a bike even when it’s a long trip. Bikes provide way more mileage than a car so you’re basically going to cover more miles with less fuel. Also, with fuel prices constantly rising, this will help you keep your budget in check. You get to cover hundreds of kilometres on a highway and still have sufficient fuel left in the tank.

2. Weekend Getaway

There’s no better way to blow off steam after a stressful work week than to ride away to mountains or the coast. The city is close to the Sahyadri mountain ranges so why not take advantage and explore it. Igatpuri, Pawna Lake, Alibag, Bhandardara are few interesting places you can visit on a bike. There’s also so much to explore within the city itself.

Bikes are great for exploring the city too. With a bike you can take short cuts on narrow roads where a car wouldn’t fit. You’re also more in sync with your surroundings and the smells around. You’d possibly find an interesting street side restaurant, have a bite and continue on a bike than a car where you’re confined to staying inside.

Another upside is that, most points of interest in the city when put on Google Maps, will show you that you will get there faster on a bike than a car.

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3. Parking Is Convenient

In a city like Mumbai where there’s no actual concept for personal space, you can imagine how tough it can get to find parking space. But with a bike you could escape the trouble of searching for parking spots since the vehicle itself doesn’t take up a lot of space. You would practically be able to park a bike even if there isn’t a big parking lot available. So, you’re saved from the headache of hunting for spots to park.

4. You Get To Try A New Ride

 When you rent a bike, you have the chance to explore different types of bikes. Even if you own a scooter, when you rent you can try renting out a Royal Enfield. This way you get to change your ride practically every time you rent it. Now isn’t that cool? So, if you’re thinking about a trip to Ladakh via bike, but the bike you own won’t be able to withstand the terrain, you can rent a heavy duty bike instead.

There’s also so many companies that are geared towards renting bikes for trips in Mumbai that you won’t have to spend hours researching where you’ll get a bike rental. You’ll be spoilt with choice for sure. Also, at BikeRentalia this is an area where we’ll be able to help you.

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5. Experience A Super bike At A Fraction Of The Actual Cost Of The Bike

 Depending on the model of the bike you pick, you can expect costs for a rental to fall in the range of Rs 700 to Rs 1000. The cost for superbikes and ones with good built can go beyond a lakh in India. So, by renting you’re actually paying peanuts for the actual worth of the bike. If you’re at a stage where you still haven’t saved enough to buy a bike, you can at least get the experience of it by renting it out.

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6. No Need To Maintain

 When you rent a bike, the headache of maintenance is taken up by the company renting out the bike. This allows you to enjoy the best part about biking which is taking it out on the road without a worry about the condition of it.

A reputable bike rental company does everything in their power to maintain the quality of a rental bike. Tires will be checked and the engine will be supervised regularly to ensure that you have a well-maintained bike with you when you rent it.

7. Zoom Past Traffic

When you open Google Maps and you see a long strip of red at certain points of your journey, you begin to worry about how long it’s going to take you to get there. But you don’t have to worry about it when you’re on a bike. Bikes are great for maneuvering past traffic. You no longer have to worry about making your 31944th excuse, but probably make it to your destination earlier.

8. No Need To Depend On The Infrequency of Public Transport

The city of Mumbai has no shortage of public transportation options. We have the local train, cabs, rickshaws, metro and the bus. It’s affordable and easy to get around the city using any of these modes. But wait, there’s an issue. Have you ever reached your destination on time taking public transport? Or did you have to leave your home way earlier than usual and plan things out in a timely manner just to reach your destination? Even though public transportation is great, the frequency isn’t always that great.

When you take a bike, you’ll know for sure that you can get there in an hour. Also, on days when you’re bored of the routine of public transportation, try renting a bike for a change of scenery. You’ll not only get there in time but if you love riding a bike, you’ll mentally feel relaxed by riding to your destination.

Final Thoughts

Renting a bike is just so convenient and it saves you time. In a city like Mumbai, time is a valuable commodity. If you’re thinking about using your weekend time to go away for a short trip or you simply want to zoom past traffic, a bike will make it possible for you. Wondering where you can rent one? Browse over our website to find the top bike rental companies in Mumbai.

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