If you really want to escape to a hill station that isn’t heavily commercialized, then you should consider saying hello to Ooty. This little town lies in the state of Tamil Nadu so it is easily accessible to residents of Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Mysore. The landscape here is a visual treat. There’s tea estates, serene lakes and rolling hills to explore. Many people prefer taking their bike to explore Ooty. But behind every successful bike trip, there is a well thought out plan, so let’s help you with that by looking at everything related to exploring Ooty on a motorbike.

Best Time To Visit Ooty On A Motorbike

Tourists usually choose to flock to Ooty in the month of December. But don’t be surprised that winters are not actually the best time of the year to visit Ooty. The problem area is that temperatures drop to 5°C and the air is a mix of misty and foggy. So even if you like the cold weather, it can be difficult to ride your bike with your vision compromised by fog. Winters are when the skies are majority of the time partly cloudy.

Keeping this in mind, we’d suggest picking summers which is anytime between March and June. The lower average temperature you can expect in the summers is 12°C to 14°C and the higher average is 20°C to 22°C. Also, Ooty is a hill station so summers are somewhat pleasant, you’ll probably only feel the strain of the heat in the afternoon.

Summer should be ideal since the skies would practically be more clear and you’d be able to explore better. You can always pick monsoons if you wish to catch some beautiful waterfalls and see the place come alive because of the greenery.

Best Places To Visit In Ooty

1. Avalanche Lake

Now this lake is one of the must visit places in Ooty. It’s a famous spot because of which there’s also bus service making trips to the beautiful Avalanche Lake. Since you’ll be taking a bike, it’s best to be mindful about the fact that you’re sharing the road with buses. This lake is situated an hour away from the central location in Ooty, so it’s not too far away.

Before you actually reach the lake, there is a road view point from where you can capture an eagle’s eye view of the place. We highly recommend stopping there for some pictures because you’ll get a beautiful view of Ooty and its landscape.

2. Doddabetta Peak

This peak sits 9km away from Ooty and is the highest mountain of the Nilgiri mountains which makes it worth the visit. We suggest visiting this spot to catch the sunrise or sunset, both are equally beautiful times of the day to get some views so plan your day accordingly. The place is well maintained so there’s enough washrooms and small canteen-like stalls to eat. You would need to pay a small fee to enter and park your bike at the entrance.

If you wish to get some crisp 360 degree views of the place, it’s best come here in the summer. During the winter months, it can be extremely cold and the blanket of clouds makes it difficult to see the scenery.

3. Pykara Waterfalls

Who doesn’t like watching and hearing the sound of a waterfall? The sound isn’t deafening and certainly can give you a sense of calm composure. Now if you’ve chosen to travel to Ooty during the monsoon season, visiting this waterfall should be on your list of places to see. The pace of the cascading waterfalls is much stronger during monsoons than in the summer.

Something else to keep in mind is that you’ll need to climb a series of steps to reach the waterfall. Also, this recreational spot is open for visits from 08:30 am to 05:30 pm. There’s ample paid parking space for your bike so you won’t have issues in that area. We’d also like to mention that this waterfall is considered to be sacred by the Toda community so you can’t take a dip in the water.

4. Cairn Hill

Situated just 3km away from Ooty railway station and in close proximity to the Avalanche Lake, Cairn Hill is a hidden and less visited place in Ooty. So, if you’re looking for a spot where you can find less tourists, then consider visiting Cairn Hill. The place is gorgeous and quiet. It’s also filled with so many pine trees that it’s difficult for the sun to hit the ground.

Like the other places on this list, Cairn Hill is also well maintained because there is an entry fee. You’ll find restrooms and eateries at different spots so it’s not extremely isolated. The atmosphere is serene and there’s several watchtowers dotted around the place to get a neat glimpse of Ooty.

Things To Remember

While Ooty is not extremely touristy, you should be ready to expect to see more crowds on weekends. Most of the places you visit will have an entry fee so it’s best to carry some change so you’re not wasting time looking for an ATM to get liquid cash. Also, we’d highly advise you to check timings before leaving to visit the place or

Another thing to remember is that you might spot a ton of buses en route while visiting the highlighted places. Note that tourism is a way of earning money for the region itself and there are initiatives taken up to ensure there’s a local bus service for tourists to take. So make sure you give way for these buses as they know the route well and tend to speed.

In conclusion, enjoy the little moments of your bike journey and you’ll certainly feel rejuvenated after travelling in a pretty little town like Ooty.

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