India boasts of vivid culture, and every part of the country is unique in itself. For every travel enthusiast, exploring different parts of India has always been on their checklist. But it’s also a challenging task to zero down on one location that you’d like to travel to. This is a dilemma for bikers on a quest to have an experience of a lifetime. Whether to ride through the ranges of the Himalayas or to take a trip down the coastline, the decision isn’t an easy one to make. Fret not – we are here to your rescue. Here’s a list of top 5 motorcycle road trips in India you can take while you’re on your expedition to satisfy your adventurous soul.

1. Manali to Spiti Valley

While Manali has always been a very popular tourist destination, it is only now that Spiti Valley, falling between India and Tibet, has become known. The road trip from Manali to Spiti Valley via the Rohtang Pass is very beautiful, with a slight sense of adventure. For all those who crave for a little yet manageable adrenaline rush, this trip is perfect. The motorcycle road trip from Manali to Spiti Valley is a little challenging, which is why a biker needs to be a ‘devil behind the wheels’. You’ll be riding through flowing water and muddy roads that are nothing short of a thrill. We recommend experienced bikers for this motorcycle road trip.

The distance between Manali to Kaza in Spiti Valley is approximately 200 kilometres via NH 505. The road from Manali to Rohtang Pass is quite pleasant, and an easy ride. It’s after the Rohtang Pass that the road gets treacherous and your biking skills are put to the test. The Gromphu-Chhatur-Batal road is considered to be the most dangerous stretch, so make sure you ride safely and are wearing adequate protective gear.

The best time for the Manali to Spiti Valley motorcycle road trip is from June to mid-October. The roads are shut after October due to tremendous snowfall and the freezing temperature that sometimes goes well below -25°C. Important tip – do carry some extra clothes since you will be riding through water streams.

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2. Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Sun-kissed sand dunes, mesmerizing forts and palaces, and a vibrant culture – that’s what a bike trip from Jaipur to Jaisalmer has to offer. The road from Jaipur, the Pink City to Jaisalmer, the Golden City, is pretty simple and straight yet it holds the most unique experience one can have. It will take you approximately 10 hours to complete the trip via NH 11 provided you don’t make many halts in between. But we do recommend that you take a little detour and stop by Ajmer and Bikaner.

It will be a waste if you do not stop to taste the authentic Rajasthani food in the little dhabas that fall on the way. An important tip for bikers is to carry plenty of water to quench your thirst. After all, you are traveling through the desert with the sun blazing and absolutely no trees around. The best time to take up this enthralling bike trip is from November to February as the weather is somewhat pleasant. The sun rays are timid making it favorable for a biker to enjoy the trip.

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3. Delhi to Agra

If you are of the spontaneous kind and want to take a very short yet fun-filled bike trip, then Delhi to Agra is the best route that you can explore. Taking the Yamuna Express Way, it will barely take you four and a half hours to reach Agra from Delhi. But the experience is worth it as the road conditions are fantastic. On the way, you can explore Sikandra Fort, Akbar’s Tomb and more interesting sites. Last but not least, end your Delhi-Agra bike trip by witnessing one of the Wonders of the World – the Taj Mahal. Drench yourself in love and art, and you will be the happiest biker ever!

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4. Chennai to Munnar

For all the biker enthusiasts who wish to witness the beauty of the South, a Chennai to Munnar motorcycle road trip equals a trip to paradise. It will take you a full day to cover the distance, or maybe even more if you plan to make a lot of halts. The scenic route consists of some of the most mystical landscapes of mountains, waterfalls, pristine lakes and gorgeous temples with some fascinating history attached. You can be an easy-goer taking multiple stops in a bid to enjoy the journey, or you can zoom by on your bike.

The best time to travel to Munnar is the monsoon, however, for the safety of bikers, it is best that a trip is planned right after the monsoon has bid farewell. The lush greenery will help you refresh and unwind without the risk of slippery roads.

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Mumbai to Trivandrum

What if we say there is one bike trip for every nature-lover that will take you through nature’s varied forms like beaches, hills, forests and the backwaters, all at once? Yes, that is possible! A motorcycle road trip from Mumbai to Trivandrum offers the most amazing and fulfilling experience for a biker. Passing through Goa, you can explore the beaches, while you go further down to Kerala to thoroughly absorb the beauty of backwaters.

The Mumbai to Trivandrum bike trip is one of the offbeat ones, and not much talked about. But there lies all the fun. It is a long distance to be covered and it will take you approximately two days to complete the journey with halts. Barring the months of June to September, the rest of the year is considered to be good to take the route. Happy riding!

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