Having a bike to commute or travel in general can be convenient yet exciting. But not everyone can have the fortune of buying or owning one. Luckily, we live in a day and age where renting a bike is very easy. The last few years have witnessed many bike rental companies coming up. Almost every big city has multiple options to choose from.

It can be hard to make a decision at times, and know which bike to rent. But there are a lot of factors in play when renting a bike that you should know about. There are road rules, safety and other things that should always be considered. If only to make your life easier so that nothing can spoil your ride. So here are things to keep in mind before renting a bike.

Valid 2-Wheeler License

This might seem obvious but it’s still important. You should have a 2-wheeler license and if not, you should get one. There are some bike rental companies who might not ask you for it. But if you are caught by a traffic police without a license, you will still get in trouble. Even more so if they impound the bike. So always have a valid 2-wheeler license. Also, ensure that you have enough experience riding a bike. If not, avoid it till you learn properly.

Safety Gears

Be it helmets, jackets, gloves or any other important biking gear, please buy it all for yourself. There are many bike rental companies which provide a helmet. Some charge an additional cost. In any case, you should clarify that and have all your gears in place. This is for your own safety. If you’re borrowing the gears from a friend or renting it, please make sure it’s in good condition. And that the helmet is ISI approved and fits you perfectly.

Type of Motorbike

Choose a bike that not only suits you, but also suits your journey. This is important because you shouldn’t rent a bike that’s considerably different from the one you’re used to riding. It is not just safer but also more convenient that way. Also, certain bikes can have limitations in terms of the type of terrains they can smoothly function in. So make a call depending on your trip’s road conditions. If you’re unsure, consult with the bike rental company.

Bike Rental Contracts

Different companies can have different clauses in their contract. Few companies might not even have this in place. So before renting a bike, read the details of the contract agreement properly. Do ask if there’s anything else beyond the contract that you should know about. It’s good to be aware of all the policies and procedures before making a payment or signing the contract.

Some of the things that these contracts include are policies regarding damages to the bike, bike rental duration, riding limitations, insurance policy and fuelling agreement. So get yourself up to speed with all these details. If there’s any kind of ambiguity in the contract, ask and get that clarified so that you know better.

Valid Documentation

Make sure that the bike rental service has these documents in place:

– Bike Insurance Policy
– PUC Certificate
– Bike Registration Certificate (RC Book)
– Ownership Proof

Do check if they’re all valid. All these documents are essentials, and by law, you are required to have them with you at all times. Also, check for any other legal permits you would need to ride to a specific destination, or anything else needed for a two wheeler vehicle.

Physical Damages

We can’t emphasize on how important this is. Before renting any bike, make sure you thoroughly inspect the vehicle. Make sure that it’s not physically damaged. If you observe anything, bring it to the bike rental service provider’s attention. Every little scratch, dent or physical damage should be pointed out. Purely because you want to make sure you avoid any possibility of being blamed for those damages after you’re done using the bike.

Bike Condition

You want to rent a bike which is in great condition. So make sure you’ve inspected the rearview mirrors and the tires properly. If the tires are worn out or the rearview mirrors are cracked or broken, point it out and request for another bike. It might not always be possible to gauge that without riding the vehicle. So ask for a test ride before renting it.
Check if the brakes, clutch, gear pedal, horn, headlights and taillights work properly. Basically, make sure the entire bike works properly and see if the engine is in good condition too. If it makes any strange sounds, point that out to the bike rental company. Don’t rent the bike if anything is out of place, because you can’t put a price tag on your safety.

Price of the Rental Motorcycle

Of course, you can’t ignore the price of the bike you’re renting. But don’t just rent the cheapest bike. So if everything else is in place. It’s also good to check how much distance the bike has already covered. Sometimes, bike rental companies lower the price of the vehicle which has covered the most ground. So it might not be the best option.

You should also keep in mind that the cost would vary depending on the type of bike. Like scooters would be cheaper and cruiser motorbike would be more expensive. So your decision shouldn’t be based on the price alone. Make sure everything is in order and if it fits your budget. You could always compare different bike rental companies in your city.

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