One of the best parts about living in Bangalore is the proximity of a bike trip from Bangalore to Hampi. Not just that, the road which leads to the town that’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is really great too. Throughout most of the bike ride, you will be greeted by great roads and greenery on both sides. What’s cool is that it just takes less than half a day to reach Hampi from Bangalore.

This trip doesn’t even require a lot of planning because it’s very convenient if you have a motorbike. And even if you don’t, you could easily rent a bike in Bangalore. If you’ve never made the trip or have been thinking of doing it for a while, here are a few things you should know for a bike trip from Bangalore to Hampi.

Bangalore to Hampi Distance

It’s a perfect bike trip distance with just around 345 kms separating both the places. Of course the distance would increase or decrease a little, depending on where in Bangalore you live. But on an average, it takes around 6 to 7 hours to reach Hampi from Bangalore. Again, this could also vary a bit or a lot, depending on the time of the day.

If you’re a Bangalore resident, you know how bad the traffic can be. So it’s important to factor this also when going on your bike trip. Let’s go a little deeper into this.

Planning the trip to Hampi

Best Time For Bangalore to Hampi Road Trip

Early morning is always the best time to leave for the trip. And ideally before the sunrise. If you manage to leave at 5 am, nothing like it. Absolute latest should be 7 am though. The only reason for this is that the city starts waking up and Bangalore starts choking the roads. Also, you will most likely catch some traffic in your route outside Bangalore too. Which is why an early morning departure gives you the best chance of skipping all the choke points.

Apart from that, riding during the monsoon season is always fun. Just be cautious and responsible. Also, Hampi gets fewer visitors during this season and the hotels are cheaper. So it’s a good time for your trip. From a weather perspective, November to March is also great and pleasant. Just avoid the summers because it can get too hot to handle here. Unless you have no other options and you have a very high tolerance for hot weather.

Bangalore to Hampi Route

The route to Hampi is not too complicated. From Bangalore, you can take the Bellary Road to reach National Highway 44, or take the Tumkur Road to join the National Highway 48. You could also take the NICE Ring Road to connect to the National Highway 48. For this, you’ll have to take a left after crossing the NICE Toll Plaza and riding for a bit.

These are the two routes you can take:

1. Bangalore – Tumkur – Chitradurga – Hospet – Hampi

This is the most common route that people take and it’s certainly good for most parts. You will essentially be riding on the National Highway 48 till Chitradurga, then switching to the National Highway 50 till Hospet. From Tumkur to Chitradurga, you’ll majorly be enjoying a 6-lane road. After that it’s sometimes 6 lanes and sometimes roads with 4 lanes.

After you reach Chitradurga, don’t take the flyover. Instead, go from the left side of the road. From there, you go ahead and take a right below the flyover to connect the NH 50. Once you get out of the Chitradurga town, you will be experiencing a 4-lane road again. The road is in good condition for the initial and most parts.

2. Bangalore – Chikkaballapur – Anantapur – Bellary – Hampi

After getting onto the National Highway 44 on the Bellary Road, you’ll be greeted by 4 lane roads. Up until Penukonda and then Anantapur, it’s mostly a 4-lane road only. The best part about this route is that it’s really straight forward and has little to no deviations, as opposed to the previous route. It’s definitely an easier route to follow.

The road till Chikkaballapur can experience a little traffic, especially on weekends and public holidays. After that, it’s mainly smooth sailing till Bellary. At the town of Bellary, you will have to get through some patches of rough road and going through the town will slow you down a little. Overall, this route will only take you around 15-20 minutes more than the previous one.

About the Bike Trip to Hampi

Bangalore-Hampi Important Road Information

The road between Tumkur and Bangalore often has traffic during the day and the evening. It also gets busier during the weekend. The silver lining is that the road condition is decent. There has also been construction work going on to widen the road between Chitradurga and Hospet. So in small patches, around the town Kudligi, so the road might not be completely perfect. However, it’s not really a very long stretch, so it shouldn’t be a huge problem.

On the other route, you will enjoy better roads for sure. Especially after you enter Andhra Pradesh. This is definitely the better road. At least until Ballari. After that, it doesn’t really get bad. But around Toranagallu, there are some patches of the road which are a bit rough. In either case, it’s best to not unnecessarily cut or overtake state transport buses. They can be harsh drivers at times. Also, ride slower when entering towns or villages.

One good thing about both these roads are the sights you come across. Like a stream of the Chitravathi River after entering Andhra Pradesh, a tributary of Tungabhadra River before Hospet, Windmills, Lakes, vast stretches of fields and green hills and hillocks. And honestly, there’s a good amount of greenery and you get a cool countryside vibe. Right before Hampi, you come across little hills made of rocks and boulders on top of each other.

Safety First

Make sure you’re wearing a helmet which is in good condition. Do wear your biker jacket, gloves and other necessary gears. It’s always good to fill up your tank with fuel before going on the trip. Also, ensure that you check your bike once before leaving. You want your bike to be in good condition for the trip, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Double check all your bike’s documentations are in place too. Please have sufficient sleep before going on the trip and take breaks wherever necessary.

Interesting sites between Bangalore and Hampi

Gooty Fort – This old ruined fort falls in Andhra Pradesh and is situated on top of a hill. It’s a fascinating historical site to visit. You’ll have to take a short detour between the Anantapur-Bellary route of your journey.

Lepakshi – A little village which has the huge monolithic Nandi Bull sculpture, Veerabhadra Temple and the Lepakshi Temple. After you enter Andhra Pradesh, you’ll have to ride a little and then take a left from Kodikonda checkpost to get here.

Chitradurga Fort – It’s a great place for a short break and to admire this exquisite historical site. The fort also includes a few ruins of temples and mandapas. This amazing site falls in the Chitradurga town along the way between NH 48 & 50.

Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam – This amazing dam is said to be the oldest in Karnataka. To get here, you have to take a deviation to the left after Hiriyur. The dam is set across the Vedavathi River and is no doubt a wonderful and scenic place.

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