Travelling solo is a pretty liberating experience as you have the freedom to do all the things you wish, without thinking about anyone else. When you travel alone, you get to play around with your budget, the stops you make, and have more flexibility with the food or road to take. You become the sole decision maker and problem solver of your trip. It can be a bit scary to travel on your own for the first time, and even lonely. But a motorbike helps ease those nerves, as it will be your best friend on the road. The exploration becomes a lot easier on wheels.

Here are few other joys of having a motorbike with you when you travel solo…

Greater adventure

A solo trip forces you to get out of your comfort zone as there would be no familiar faces to fall back on. This could possibly wake up a more confident and independent side of your personality. You’d be figuring road maps, places to eat, making conversations with new people and learning new things about yourself.

The company of your two-wheeler supports you throughout this whole experience as it also helps to have an up close and personal relation with your surroundings. You slowly get comfortable with the roads too and pick up a sense of accomplishment by the end of your journey. If you’ve never taken a solo trip on your bike, start small with half day trips to interesting regions nearby that will encourage you to make bigger trips.

Relieves stress

Sometimes we get caught up in all the planning of a journey that it can get stressful. While you are on a trip, it still can be difficult to leave behind messy thoughts or something small that didn’t go as you planned it to be. A motorbike could be a relaxing option to just enjoy the journey as it is and it might actually feel like a weight is lifted off after feeling the wind in your face. The simple thrill of riding a motorcycle can fuel the excitement of your journey and refresh your mind.

In a car or bus, you’d probably feel more cramped up and stuffy because there’s less space and hardly any connection with the view outside the vehicle. But a bike doesn’t hold you down, we have to admit it physically feels more relaxed and less stressed on an open road. Having a bike to ride often helps with the whole, “Living in the moment”.

Spend Less

A two-wheeler usually saves you a lot on your commute and transportation costs. Also, it still gives you great mileage if you’ve rented a well maintained motorbike. Be sure to explore your options before renting one out, so that you don’t regret paying more than you should have. Creating a packing checklist also helps save some money, as you won’t have to make purchases on the road which can be more expensive, just because you forgot to put it in your bag. Few common things people forget to carry and end up buying are power cord, memory card, sunscreen, light clothes as well as long-sleeved shirts.

On trips with friends, you get a chance to split the cost but when you travel solo, all the expenses are made by you alone. The difference is that you won’t be spending money on an activity or dish which is more for the group than just you. We’ll tell you one thing. Enjoy your free choice and spend on the things you care about the most! Also, by planning your solo trip 3 to 5 months in advance, you can actually save on accommodation as well. Doing thorough research on the internet will possibly help you save time when you’ve reached your destination.

Keep things at your own pace

Your motorbike is that extra push to keep exploring on the road. You may plan your day with certain sights in mind and getting there could be quicker when your bike is with you. You can easily cover more ground on two wheels and a lightweight backpack. A motorcycle is a quicker way of getting around that endless traffic. If there’s congestion on the road, you can still manage to make your way out.

In the end it helps you save time on the road and see more. Solo travelling allows you to function apart from the group, so you are free to shift the route and stop at a cafe or view you like. Stop, pull over and spend your time as you feel like. That way you’ll learn a thing or two about yourself. You’ll also have a lot of time to think as you don’t have to worry about any others around you.

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Make new friends

While you solo travel you might end up being the one who starts a conversation. It could simply be to get directions, but that helps you make a new local friend. When you’re with a large group or in a car, you might shut yourself from interacting with people outside your circle.

Here’s just a few other tips if you’re going to be solo travelling 

  • Do a little planning and homework of the place
  • Explore more during the day
  • Pack light 
  • Always carry identification 
  • Make sure someone back home knows your location
  • Always remember to make it a little less obvious that you’re riding solo, if you don’t trust the vibe of an area. 

All in all, beyond convenience and comfort, having a bike on a solo trip helps in more ways that we can imagine. If it’s your first time, you don’t have to be worried about that empty back seat. Instead, you can enjoy the space and not have to be responsible for a pillion rider. Your solo bike trip would make you realize that absolute liberation is always just a ride away.

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