Feeling the need for an outing away from your city? If you’re someone who is looking for a taste of culture and great street food, Kolkata is certainly as good as they come. Love the sound of that, don’t you? Well, we do hear you, which is why we put together a list of getaways from the city of Kolkata. These spectacular places invite you to open roads, fresh air and time with nature. 

1. Joypur Forest Bankura

Have you ever wanted to ride your bike on a completely abandoned airport? We’re here to tell you that you can! Joypur forest has a huge runway space that goes by the name Basudebpur Chatal. During World War 2, this exact same area witnessed airplanes landing and taking off. The place was active during the British rule here, but currently it’s completely abandoned. While common reeds try to take over the runway, there’s still ample space for you to get this runway all to yourself. You have to agree, so much space is a luxury that all of us city-dwellers crave, right?

At Joypur, you’d also find plenty of Sal trees taking the height of skyscrapers. Your bike would be drifting on some red muddy roads here. You would probably not call them roads exactly, but mud paths would be the right term.

Although, you don’t have to worry. The paths are not invisible, and it’s easy to navigate your way on a two-wheeler here. Moreover, the air here is really refreshing; an added bonus! The Sal, Neem and Teak trees cover the entire space, ensuring the sunlight isn’t touching the ground. Watch out for signs that warn you to drive slow because there might be a deer crossing the door. Visiting joypur forest is truly an adventure and it tops our list for day trips from Kolkata.

It would take you 4.5 hrs to reach this forest area. The route to follow is Vidyasagar Sethu (Second Hooghly Bridge) – Kona expressway – Durgapur expressway – Tarakeswar – Arambagh – Joypur forest.

2. Bishnupur – The Land Of Terracotta

Not too far away from Joypur forest lies Bishnupur, known by many as the temple town of the state of West Bengal. Bishnupur is just 30 mins away from Joypur forest so you can certainly follow the same route. You could also club these 2 places together if you wish and have more time. The town is famous for its crafts and architecture.

These are the main terracotta temples you should visit once you’re here. There’s Rasmancha temple, Shyam Rai temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Jor-Bangla Temple and Lalji Temple.

Make sure you check out the small shops of artisans selling terracotta pieces of art at a very reasonable price. We’d also recommend trying some of the Bengali cuisine at Bishnupur. 

The rivers, tiny ponds and green landscape here feels as though it’s right out of a postcard. We’d highly recommended spending your weekend here. We’re not just saying weekend because you probably have an off but there’s actually some beautiful cultural performances happening at Bishnupur only on weekends. It’s extremely fun and lively just like your weekends should be. Lastly, don’t leave Bishnupur without taking a short spin to Mukutmanipur Lake and Kangsabati Dam.

3. Duarsini Hills

Duarsini Hills are located on the border of Jharkhand and West Bengal. The region is surrounded by these luscious green hills, streams, and rivers. This works for a perfect getaway from city dust and pollution. It’s actually a favorite weekend getaway for the people of Kolkata. It would take 6 hours or so to reach. This is surely a longer road trip but we’d highly recommend it if you’re looking at spending some time rejuvenating in the lap of mother nature. There’s not only great weather here but the best part is you get an open road to yourself.

For long trips like this, it’s necessary that you’ve selected the right bike which you’re comfortable with so you don’t put extreme physical stress on your body. In case you need to rent out a bike for a longer journey, we could surely help you find the best one. A tip from us – don’t leave without spending some time on the banks of the river Satgurang. Route to reach Duarsini is the same you’d take to reach the city of Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, that is via NH16 and NH49.

4. Bakkhali & Mandarmani beach

Bakkhali & Mandarmani are 2 beach destinations not too far away from the city of Kolkata. We personally feel this is the easiest short escape for some seaside fun. If beaches are your source of happiness you should definitely check out these beaches.

To reach Bakkhali from the city you’d take around 4 hours, the beach also has a watchtower where you’d capture some mesmerizing views. Simply sit back and enjoy the sound of waves from the Bay of Bengal. 

Mandarmani beach is also 4 hours away from the city and is a much more active beach. A tip from us – you must try some coastal food before leaving both these beaches. There are plenty of other beaches in the area too. All you’d need to do is ride down the roads here and enjoy some beach breeze. 

5. Taki: India and Bangladesh border

Taki is a city located just 80kms from the city of Kolkata, so you would reach here in approximately 2 hours. This is the shortest road trip on our list but a great tourist spot. It’s the only city that separates India from Bangladesh. You get a mini Sundarban experience when you’re here. We’d recommend spending some relaxing time by the waters of Ichamati river. You can also park your bike at the picnic area and take a short ferry ride to capture the scenic river. 

A piece of advice, don’t forget to visit the isolated Machranga island when you take that ferry ride. You will surely fall in love with this tiny little island and all the birds that inhabit this place too. It’s extremely necessary that you remain environmentally conscious when you’re here. To reach Taki, you must simply follow the Basanti highway.


Our blog gives you just a few of the best and doable road trips we think you should definitely try out on your bike. We hope after reading this you take out some time off to enjoy these beauties that are not out of your reach. If not having a bike is stopping you from these road trips, we can surely help you with renting one out, so these trips are a reality for you!

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