Mysore is steadily emerging as the second IT hub after Bangalore. Naturally, this attracts several students from across the country. And while Mysore is a beautiful little city, there’s only so much you can see and do here. Four weekends of exploring Mysore, and you would’ve seen all of it. It’s time to give that weekend an upgrade: hire bikes, and head off on day trips from Mysore. The great news is that all these locations are within comfortable biking distance of Mysore so you can head there and back in a day. Read on to know more about day trips from Mysore.

1. Bandipur National Park

A mere 80 kilometres away from Mysore, the Bandipur National Park is a biodiversity treasure trove. It is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, along with the Mudumalai National park, Nagarhole National park and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The Nilgiri hills blanket this park, rich in wildlife. The park offers amazing safaris, and you could spot elephants, peacocks, deer, and langurs when you’re here. Additionally, the park also has the facility of hotels for those who truly wish to lose themselves to nature.

The monsoon is the best time to visit, as the rain breathes new life into the park and you can see nature in all her glory. While the park itself is amazing, your ride there is quite ordinary. Your route is along NH 766 that you will be sharing with other motorists and trucks. Ensure you check the traffic peak hours a day before your trip to make sure you leave at an appropriate time. The park shuts at 6.30 p.m., so make sure you get enough time there before you have to head back.

Distance: 72 kms
Route: NH 766
Time: 1hr 40 mins

2. Srirangapatna

An island surrounded by the sacred Kaveri river, Srirangapatna makes for a great road trip from Mysore with your biker buddies. Once capital of the Vijayanagar empire, it’s legacy is connected to the great Tipu Sultan. There’s loads to see at Srirangapatna, from the Srirangapatna Fort with its dungeons to Daria Daulat Bagh, the summer palace of Tipu Sultan.

But if the historical riches aren’t for you, then this viewpoint should suffice. Just a short distance away, the Karighatta hill offers magnificent views of the surroundings. The 3000 ft high viewpoint can be reached by a pleasant, winding road.

Your route to Srirangapatna takes you north of Mysore, towards Bangalore. It is well connected, and it is a very convenient destination for a day trip from Mysore, as it is located on the Mysore – Bangalore route.

Distance: 18 kms
Route: NH 150A
Time: 30 mins

3. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

3 kms away from the main town of Srirangapatna lies the gorgeous Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. It comprises a group of islets that were formed due to an embankment built on the Kaveri river in 1648. With over 160 birds recorded here, it is a bird spotter’s paradise. It is great to visit in the winter months, when upto 40,000 migratory birds fly here. Alongside the wide range of winged beasts, it also has crocodiles and mongooses. You can take a boat ride here where you stand a chance to spot the crocs.

Reaching the sanctuary requires you to take the same route to get to Srirangapatna. Yet again, the convenience of it being a well-travelled route makes this a great spot for a day trip from Mysore. It is located to the left of Srirangapatna.

Distance: 18 kms
Route: NH 150A
Time: 30 mins

4. Somnathpur Temple

Known as the ‘cradle of stone architecture’, Somnathpur tells tales of a bygone era and its rulers. It is known for the Keshava temple built during the reign of Hoysala emperors. The temple complex is also home to several other sites, each as noteworthy as the last. Life-like sculptures of deities and pillars adorned with intricate details will leave you breathless.

There are 2 routes you can take to get to Somnathour from Mysore, via Bannur and via T. Narsipur. Both take around the same time, and except for a few rough patches in the last few kilometres, both are quite well maintained. Visit the temple from November to March as the weather is most pleasant then. In addition, since the town is quite basic, we recommend packing a light meal with you to act as sustenance when here. Ensure your legs and shoulders are covered as you will be entering a holy site.

Distance: 35 kms
Route: Mallavi – Mysore road OR T. Narasipur road.
Time: 1 hr

5. Oxygen Acres Organic Cheese Farm

Swap the usual trips for picnics or sightseeing with one that shows you the marvel of working for nature. Oxygen Acres, located on the outskirts of Mysore, is an effort to introduce more people to eco-conscious living. An escape from modern life, Oxygen Acres is actually a milk and cheese farm that is open to visitors. Mysore-based Chida Shivanna is the brains behind the farm, and can take you on a tour around the facilities. You can see the process of cheese making, say hi to the well-looked-after cows and maybe even sample some of their delicious cheese!

Distance: 15 kms
Route: T. Narasipur road.
Time: 30 mins

6. Shravanabelagola

The statue of Bahubali, also known as Gomateshwara, at Shravanabelagola, is the tallest monolithic statue in the world. Reaching 58 feet in height and carved out of a single block of granite, this is a site worth witnessing. It makes for a great day trip from Mysore if you’re tired of the run-of-the-mill weekend. It is one of the most revered sites for Jains. Shravanabelagola literally translates to the ‘white pond of Sravana’; ‘bel’ means white and ‘kola’ means pond in Kannada. The pond in the town, as the name designates, is quite pleasant.

Your route takes you along NH 150A, the Bangalore – Mysore route, and state highway 47. While the highway is wide and well maintained, the state highway is a bit of a different story. It zigzags through many villages and while the scenery is refreshing, make sure you ride safely.

Distance: 84 kms
Route: NH 150A & SH 47
Time: 2 hours

7. Shivanasamudra Waterfalls

The Shivanasamudra waterfalls have been star attractions since 1902, when they powered an entire city with hydro-electric power. This was the first such feat in all of Asia. Imagine their size, or better yet, go see them in person. Pack a nice lunch (make sure you don’t litter) and head off to the falls for a fantastic picnic. Watch out for the monkeys, they’re quite feisty.

Distance: 75 kms
Route: Mallavi – Mysore road
Time: 2 hours


Whether you find yourself in Mysore as a student or on a trip, you’re likely to be there having left your bike behind. Here’s where we step in – and trust us, Mysore and its surrounding attractions are best explored by bike. The city is also compact enough for you to go solo riding around it, just you and a bike for company. Don’t hesitate, this city and its day trips are all worth exploring.

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