While Jaipur is famous for forts, Mandawa is known for havelis. Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan, while Mandawa still retains aspects of a town. Yet, both are steeped in history and gorgeous historical sites, and both attract many travelers. The best way to spot the similarities and differences in these fascinating destinations is by taking a road trip from Jaipur to Mandawa. Both cities have loads to see and explore and there’s no better way to do this, than with a powerful bike for company. So hop on a motorbike, strap on those helmets, and kickstart your amazing weekend with a road trip from Jaipur to Mandawa.

Pink City And City Of Havelis – Jaipur And Mandawa

The Pink City is known for its renowned historical and cultural treasures, and some delicious lassi! It is testament to the foresight of the Rajput kings, considering how it stands as the first planned city of India. With three mighty forts that were once its defence, it boasts of wide roads, perfect for any biker. While you can cover the main sights in a day, we recommend at least 3 days to truly soak in the beauty of this city. Then, after a good night’s rest, you can make an early start for Mandawa.

Mandawa is a compact and bustling town that was first occupied in the 18th century by wealthy merchants. With their wealth, they constructed many havelis, each more beautiful than the last. Over time, the havelis have retained their grandeur and richness of color, and the town of Mandawa is dotted with them. This is but a town, and does not boast many of the wide streets that Jaipur does. But you can effortlessly explore its nooks and crannies by the easily-maneuverable bikes. It is used to seeing its share of visitors and tourists, and also has a Bollywood charm: it features in films like Jab We Met, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK. Looking for some peace from the urban hustle? Turn to Mandawa.

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Best Time To Visit

Both Jaipur and Mandawa experience hot summers and the heat can be draining. In temperatures as high as 40.5°C, it is best to avoid the road trip from Jaipur to Mandawa. August and September are monsoon months and while you can still try to make the trip, we recommend watching the weather and only travelling when it is safe.

The best time to visit both cities and make the road trip is from October to February. This is broadly the winter season, and temperatures can drop to below 10°C at night. The weather is pleasant and you’ll enjoy riding around in both cities. Ensure you carry enough woollens, as the cold air will hit your face and chest while riding.

Your Route

You will take NH 52 for your road trip from Jaipur to Mandawa. This highway has smooth tarmac that makes for pleasant riding. Mandawa is located 190 kms north of Jaipur, and it should take you anywhere between 3 to 5 hours to reach. The stretches from Jaipur to Reengus, and further from Reengus to Sikar are smooth, and you will be able to make good time. It takes a few kilometres’ riding before you reach the highway from Jaipur. You can stop at Sikar and Nawalgarh enroute, as both are interesting destinations with historical relevance.

More importantly, keep an eye out for the right turn you must take, leading off the highway and towards Mandawa. This is the Jhunjhun bypass road; it is a single lane road, and full of twists and turns. Ride carefully here. It is also deprived of adequate street lights so ride with added caution at night. Make sure you use your indicators, taillights and front lights wisely. Since it’s the highway, there might be vehicles going at the maximum speed, which is why your headlights and taillights are very important.

Who Is This Road Trip For

As mentioned, the highway is smooth, and the tarmac road makes for easy riding. But the more narrow streets off the highway are the bigger challenge. Navigating these will be easier for more experienced riders. As a result, we recommend this route for those with at least some experience of biking road trips under their belt. If you’re a newbie and looking for a good route, try a road trip from Jaipur to Pushkar. Not only is that a little shorter, but the riding is much easier with a smooth road right through.

Additionally, there is no direct train to Mandawa and it is impossible to take a flight back to Jaipur. You will have to ride back, especially if your bike is rented. This leaves two options at your hands. You can make this a one day trip, but ensure you leave Jaipur in the early morning. This way, you reach Mandawa by noon at the latest, giving you plenty of time to relax, eat lunch and leave for home when it is still light. The Jhunjhun bypass road with its twists, turns and lack of bright lights will be better navigated in daylight. Make sure you reach the highway before sunset, or simply stay the night in Mandawa and leave the next morning.


Planning the road motorbike trip from Jaipur to Mandawa is effortlessly easy. And with our help, renting good bikes in Jaipur for the same is just as easy as well. Take a good look at your bikes before you commence your journey to make sure everything is in place. The Jaipur – Mandawa road trip, with open tarmac, twists and bends, truly helps discover the spirit of motorbiking. Undertake this fascinating journey right away.

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