With outer and inner ring roads, and four new link roads opened in 2020 to ease traffic congestion, Hyderabad is a well connected city. The capital city of Telangana was once the capital of the kingdom of Golconda, and today boasts several sites depicting its rich history. Exploring Hyderabad by bike is one of the best ways to go around discovering this IT hub. However, for locals as well as tourists, knowing the road safety rules in Hyderabad is very important. The Hyderabad Traffic Police are strict, so read up and keep in mind the road safety rules in Hyderabad to avoid a brush with the law.

Road Safety Basics

Before getting into the road safety rules in Hyderabad, it is important to remember that there are basics as well. These basic road safety guidelines are to be followed irrespective of where you are. 

  • Keep to the left side of the road when driving. In the absence of dividers or lanes, allow oncoming traffic to safely pass on your right. 
  • Always overtake from the right side. Do not overtake on narrow roads.
  • Follow traffic signals above all else.
  • Always slow down and honk once in warning when approaching a corner or intersection.
  • Never park at a designated No Parking zone. In addition, do not park on corners where your vehicle will obstruct other motorists and cause chaos. 

Alongside these, it is also important to understand and obey the road markings and road traffic hand signals. Road markings are painted on roads to indicate what is allowed and what isn’t, like signs overtaking or switching lanes. Hand signals are other motorists’ ways of communicating with you. 

While these rules are compulsory to be followed, go beyond. Be considerate on the roads – always use dimmer lights at night so that oncoming vehicles aren’t blinded, never flash your lights to speed and overtake in arrogance. 

Road Safety Rules In Hyderabad

  • Seat Belts (4 wheelers): Both front seaters i.e. driver and the person in the adjacent seat must keep their seatbelts on at all times.
  • Wear helmets (2 wheelers): Both the rider and the pillion passenger have to have helmets on.
  • Carry Valid Documents: Driver’s License and other documents like Registration certificate, Insurance certificate, fitness certificate (for commercial vehicle), tourist permit (commercial vehicle) and PUC certificate must be on your at all times. 
  • Side indicator lights: Always use the side indicator lights when changing lanes, turning, or moving to the side to slow down. 
  • Emergency and Fog lights: Use fog lights and the SOS light in heavy rains or fog. It helps other vehicles to drive safely while maintaining proper distance.
  • Honking:Always avoid honking unnecessarily and being noisy.
  • Speed Limits: Always adhere to speed limits no matter how empty the road is.
  • Do not Drink and Drive: As per the Hyderabad police, the legal limit for permissible alcohol level in the blood is 30mg per 100 ml of blood. Anything above, and you could be heavily fined, imprisoned, or have your license permanently suspended.
  • Pedestrians: Give right of way for school going children and senior citizens. Always slow down or stop if needed at zebra crossing.
  • Do not overload: Follow the weight limit of your vehicle, and do not overload. Bikers must never take on more than one pillion passenger.
  • Avoid Mobile Phones while driving: Strictly avoid answering calls or generally using your phone while driving or riding. Though it seems easy to answer a call with Bluetooth earphones or such technology when on a bike, avoid the temptation. Safely stop at the side of the road if it is an urgent matter.

Hyderabad Traffic Police Initiatives

Hyderabad has Traffic Training Institutes (TTI), that are helping police and citizens see eye to eye when it comes to road safety rules in Hyderabad. The TTI is open for workshops and demonstration for schoolchildren, to teach them the value of road safety rules. They look at going beyond just punishing offenders by also educating them of the dangers of their actions. 

For example, people caught for drunk driving are given counselling at the TTI along with their family members. Most often, there are no repeat offenders. The process is educative, and thus far is proving effective. Overall deaths in road accidents in Hyderabad have decreased from 303 to 271 when compared to 2018 and 2019 – an 11% drop. 

Hyderabad is a fantastic city with tons to do and explore. Foodies can binge on Hyderabadi biryani, while history buffs can admire its many heritage sites. The only way a trip to Hyderabad can go wrong is if you disregard the road safety rules in Hyderabad. But remember our blog and follow the rules, and you should do fine.

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