The city of Jaipur is the administrative capital of Rajasthan, a state known for its royal heritage and stunning handicrafts. Jaipur itself contains several historical and cultural sites, and has tons to see. This makes it a hotspot for tourists across India and the world. You would think that the situation on the roads of Jaipur are chaotic, considering the crowds that flock to the pink city. But with a combination of wide, well maintained roads and strict traffic rules’ implementation, Jaipur is ideal, perfect to be explored even by bike. Read on to get an idea of the road safety rules in Jaipur so you stay safe and avoid any nasty events while there.

Road Safety Basics

Before getting to the road safety rules in Jaipur, it is important to ensure you understand basic signs and symbols of road safety. Always stop at the white line before signals. Remember that the amber light does not mean you get to cross the signal yet; green is your good-to-go. 

It is also important to understand the road markings and road traffic hand signals. Road markings, painted on the roads, help you understand what is allowed and what isn’t (eg. overtaking, switching lanes). Hand signals are how drivers communicate with each other without using words or honks. Misunderstanding these can lead to serious and completely avoidable mishaps. These also form an important part of the road safety rules in Jaipur and across the country.

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Road Safety Rules In Jaipur

Being such a tourist hotspot, Jaipur has installed some state-of-the-art cameras at main junctions across the city. These are CCTV cameras, and ANPR or Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. Not only do these cameras record offences, but also work together to send tickets and fines to the offenders. Additionally, interceptor vans are located along all main highways to help this process even more. These dissuade people from trying to break the laws and create chaos. Apart from the standard rules to be followed, read on to know some important road safety rules in Jaipur to keep in mind as these have heavy consequences.

  • No speeding: Speed Trap cameras do the job of keeping people’s speeding in check. Do not speed to avoid a challan and a hefty fine and possible suspension.
  • Always carry necessary documents: Whether rented or your own, you must always have the necessary documents on hand. A driver’s license is a constant must.
  • No Parking zones: Always respect the no parking zones. Jaipur has several historical sites and it may be frustrating to find parking around them. But nothing excuses breaking the law for your convenience. Look up parking spots in advance, or read up on exploring Jaipur by bike to figure out how to plan your day with your bikes. 
  • No More than 2: As a bike rider, no matter how much space you have, you must only have one pillion passenger with you. Not following this rule has a fine of Rs. 1000.
  • Helmets: Bike riders and their pillion passengers have to have a helmet on. There’s a heavy fine and possible 3-month suspension for those who do not comply to this rule. 
  • Obey the one-way streets: Several roads in Jaipur are one-way, which means vehicles can traverse down those lanes in only the one given direction. Not taking much space, going fast and being easily maneuverable, you may be tempted to take your bike down a one day street. Going against this rule not only becomes a traffic hazard, but also endangers your life and that of other motorists.

E-Challan – An Initiative For Road Safety In Jaipur

The jaipur police use something known as eChallan, a new technological replacement to the prior paper challan system that was used to issue fines to motorists breaking the law. The eChallan has not only made it easy for the traffic police to keep an eye on offenders, but also 

for offenders to pay fines online and with no hassle. It takes away any scope for bribes or trouble. 

When the ANPR cameras record a rule being violated, the information is sent to a computer in the closest police control room. Easily accessing the driver’s details via their number plate, the computer creates a receipt. The same is sent to the mobile number of the offender. This efficient method ensures that road safety rules in Jaipur remain well-complied with. 


Jaipur is a wonderful city, so don’t let recklessness ruin your experience here. All it takes is obedience to the laws and consideration for motorists around you to make biking in Jaipur as smooth of an experience as possible.