Mysore is a gem in the form of a city, and has something for all kinds of travelers. Branching out from the palace are the main or arterial roads of the city. These branch out to the city limits, and interspersed with connecting roads, they make Mysore a well-connected city. As with any other tourist hub in India, Mysore faces the problem of road accidents. The city’s hustle and bustle, paired with the added pressure of tourists finding their way, leads to chaos. We’ve written a comprehensive article on the road safety rules in Mysore, and what you should look out for. Follow these, and your stay will be free of any unfortunate mishaps.

Road Safety Precautions In Mysore

The Mysore police have put into place several measures in order to better control and manage the traffic flow in Mysore. For one, they have set up an Enforcement Automation Center, which has a record of all the registered vehicles and details of the owners.It is fed information from 80 cameras located across the city at traffic signals. Additionally, every traffic inspector has the means of accessing the history of a driver and vehicle on a Blackberry device. 

The Traffic Police has 6 speed interceptors positioned on the main roads of the city. Each police station has a ‘cobra’ – a setup with at least on traffic or head constable, constantly on the move and equipped with a walkie-talkie. They quickly reach areas of congestion, accidents or traffic snarls to relieve the problem.

Mysore Road Safety Rules

As mentioned, Mysore is a well-connected city. There are multiple routes to get to one destination, so there is absolutely no reason why anyone should try to break the rules for convenience. Read on to keep in mind some important road safety rules for Mysore, and the consequence of breaking them.

Using a phone while riding: The multiple cameras across the city will surely catch you in the act. You will be fined Rs. 1,500 for the first offence  and Rs. 10,000 for subsequent offences. 

Racing: Mysore’s streets can be tempting for a test to see who has the better bike, especially at night. No one is more aware of this than the Mysore police, who keep a watch on streets with most recorded races. You will be fined Rs. 5,000, with a possibility of license suspension. 

Honking in a silence zone: Respect the no-honking zones to avoid a fine of Rs. 500.

Breaking a red light: Zooming past a red light is a sure way of getting caught by the hands of the law. The several cameras at signals across Mysore will record you, and enforcement cameras send a photo of your car and license plate to the Enforcement Automation Centre. Records of your offences are kept, and subsequent offences could lead to steep fines or revoking of licenses.

Drinking and Driving: The Mysore police are extremely strict about this. If you are caught driving when drunk, your vehicle will be seized and you will have to make a court appearance to pay the fine. 

Basic Road Safety Rules

Lastly, it is important to remember that there are basic road safety rules and regulations to keep in mind. These include strictly following the road signals and understanding road traffic hand signals. Make sure you are aware of the road markings – the dashes and lines are there for a reason. Not understanding these or deliberately breaking them is certain to lead to a mishap. 

Mysore is a wonderful city with loads to see, and is very bike friendly. Renting a bike to explore Mysore is a highly recommended activity. However, tourist or native, no one is spared when it comes to breaking the road safety rules in Mysore. Keep the rules in mind and follow them for an amazing trip.

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