Mumbaikars are always looking for ways we can step back, slow down from routine and spend some time without the rush of deadlines and crowds. Sometimes, turning off our mobile phone doesn’t really do the trick. That’s when we really start to long for a quiet peaceful getaway. We’re lucky that not too far away from the city, there are some of the most refreshing getaways which you can easily reach with a bike.

Want to get away from the noise of the city? We’ll share some of the easiest bike trips from Mumbai. Before you start the journey, keep this check-list in mind so you don’t have any difficulties on the road.

  • Do a quick run-through of your bike, checking that there’s no oil leakage.
  • Check if the brakes and lights are working fine.
  • If you notice any issues, get your bike serviced in time.
  • Ensure you’ve not stepped out without your helmet, good shoes, jacket and essential body armor.
  • Start your day early and avoid riding at night.
  • Make sure you’ve rested well the previous night.
  • Some of these areas don’t have great network coverage, so download an offline version of the map and mount your phone on your bike.

Vandri Lake

Vandri Lake is first on our list as this region is within arm’s distance for a Mumbaikar. Vandri Lake is located in Palghar district and is part of a forest reserve. This lake is not too far from Mumbai and it is a perfect option if you want to take a short ride. The ride would take you around 2 hours with traffic. It is just 82 kms from the city.

To reach here, you would need to take the Mumbai-Surat highway. Once you cross the toll booth on the highway, look out for a right turn that will lead you to Vandri Lake. The highway journey is smooth, as the roads are wide and maintained well. There are many food joints on the highway, but once you take that turn to Vandri Lake, you wouldn’t find anything to eat, so it’s best to fuel on food before taking that turn.

Once you make that turn, the view changes, as the road gets narrow and you’re surrounded by green landscapes and nothing else. You can easily make your way to the lake from here. An important landmark is the Madpan View Point. Once you’ve found that, you can take a break from your bike and go for a swim.

There’s lots of parking space near Madpan point and the Dam waterfall area. Best part is your bike can reach all these parts and you could take it upto the lake. Just be careful, as there would no longer be a road, but you would need to follow a muddy trail. This lake is one of the largest lakes you can visit on the Mumbai-Surat highway. The view is spectacular and you can just unwind there and let time pass you by.

As Vandri Lake is the shortest bike getaway on our list, you could also ride to a few other spots on this road trip, such as Kamandurg Fort, Pelhar Lake and Takmak Fort. If you wish to detour for a trek or extend your day trip, you could also explore these other options.


Igatpuri has recently become a popular getaway for Mumbaikars. It is a hill station in the Nashik district. The distance from the city is 121 kms and would probably take around 3 hours depending on traffic. We’d suggest visiting this destination during rains, as it is much greener and you’ll be surrounded by the highest Sahyadri peaks, which are the Western Ghats. This means views of towering mountains! A view that adds a copious amount of bliss to the ride.

To reach Igatpuri, you need to take the Old Mumbai-Agra road, then follow NH160 highway. The ride is pleasant and a treat for bikers. Make sure to snack on a fresh Vada pav or a Misal Pav, as you will come across many stalls selling them.

Other attractions nearby are Myanmar Gate, Sula Vineyard and Nashik.

Kasara Ghat is a mountain pass near Igatpuri and is another road journey enjoyed by bikers. You could also visit it, but you need to be extra careful on this road. It’s quite popular because of which there are more bikers taking this route, so ensure you stick to your lane and maintain a moderate speed. There have been landslides during the rains near Kasara Ghat, so it’s best to avoid it during monsoons.

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Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is an approx 3-4 hours ride from Mumbai. You have to take the Kamshet route to get here. The route goes in this order: You start from Mumbai – Lonavala (Old Mumbai-Pune highway) – Kamshet – Pavananagar – Pawna lake. The total road distance is 122 kms.

People enjoy this route for the waterfalls, ancient forts and the lush surroundings. The lake is artificial and came into being after the Pawna Dam was built. As the place is full of greenery the air feels different and the breeze cooler. You would surely feel refreshed after your bike journey here.

Find a nice shade for your bike and relax by the lake. If you’ve not given any attention to the sky from your window, this is the perfect place to just lie down and spend some time staring at the clouds. Other viewpoints you will pass on this road journey are Khandala view point, Lonavala and Lohagad fort.

If you’re planning this trip during the rainy season, having a full face helmet and a waterproof riding jacket is ideal. Wearing the right shoes is also necessary because they do make a lot of difference when shifting gears or using the rear brake. Lastly, don’t forget a waterproof luggage carrier for your electronics and gadgets.


Alibag is located in the state of Maharashtra on the Konkan Coast. When you think of the Konkan coast, the first image that pops in your head is beaches and dense coconut groves. This is exactly why Alibag is a great road trip.

To get to Alibag, you have to take the road you would take for Goa, which is taking the NH 66 highway. But the only difference is that you will reach Alibag way sooner. The total distance from Mumbai to Alibag is 92 kms.

Hearing the sound of seawater just has a way to soothe our minds. Beach towns are also more friendly and leaving your footprints on sand is a type of foot therapy that has a very calming feel to it.

Other interesting spots you can cover when you’re here are Alibag Fort and Mandwa beach. Both are a few kilometres away from Alibag beach. Don’t forget to try some of the local coastal dishes after your bike ride!

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These places are not too far away and easily accessible by bike from Mumbai. Hopefully, hitting these roads invite a change of environment for your weekend, in the literal sense. Don’t forget to take the necessary safety measures and carry all your documents. Also, you don’t have to get disheartened if you don’t own a bike or yours isn’t functional. You could always rent one. Here is a list of the bike rental companies in Mumbai that you can choose from.

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