One of the most famous weekend retreats for Mubaikars, Lonavala is the best way to liven up a dull weekend. While you can always book a fun resort, why not make the journey as amazing as the destination? Taking a bike trip from Mumbai to Lonavala has to be on your bucket list, irrespective of if you’re a Mumbaikar or a tourist, a bike owner or not.

The route is easy to understand and best experienced on a bike. The best part? We can help you out with both these things. Read on to know everything about a bike trip from Mumbai to Lonavala.

Close Neighbours Yet Completely Different: Mumbai And Lonavala

The city of Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, with diversity and warmth at its heart. Since its birth it has been a city of migrants and still holds a deep attraction over people even today. Mumbai has tons to see and do. It boasts beaches, Bollywood and the only national park to exist within city limits. It has a colonial heritage and also has one of the most interesting histories a city can have. Make sure you visit the natural harbour at the Gateway of India, and binge on some street food. Once just seven islands, Mumbai is an irresistible metropolis that keeps on surprising. 

Lonavala stands in stark contrast to Mumbai’s hustle and bustle. It is the perfect getaway from the urban jungle as it is less than 3 hours away. Lonavala is a hill station, most famous for its chikki. It houses an amusing wax museum and the Bushy dam, which is a famous attraction. You can go trekking through the hills or laze back with an unbeatable view. A bike trip from Mumbai to Lonavala is so convenient that you can even leave and return on the same day.

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Your Route

You may have gotten excited about riding down the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. However, the expressway does not allow two-wheelers. You will have to take the old Mumbai-Pune highway instead. But don’t feel disheartened, the highway is well maintained and is a wonderful ride to go on. Try not to depend too much on Google Maps for this one – it doesn’t show a distinction between the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the old Highway. Instead, just follow our directions. 

Head towards Panvel, where you will clearly find signs that lead to the Expressway and the old highway, marked ‘Pune via Expressway’ and ‘Pune via NH4’. The National Highway was previously NH4, and is now NH48. You need to cross an overbridge to reach the expressway, but stay to the left and you will approach the highway. The highway has got smooth tarmac and makes for very comfortable riding compared to concrete. It will be around a 2 hour 15 minute ride in ideal traffic conditions. The highway joins the expressway for around 8 kms at Lonavala. Cross the Amrutanjan bridge and look for the exit to Lonavala. 

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Who Is This Mumbai to Lonavala Bike Trip For

The beauty of the bike trip from Mumbai to Lonavala is that you don’t have to be an expert biker or a Royal Enfield owner to undertake it. Although if this is your first long-distance bike trip, we recommend going with some friends. Not only will this provide additional security, but also make it more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a bike to rent for you and your buddies, we can help you out with the best bike renters in Mumbai

Best Time To Visit Lonavala

The route from Mumbai to Lonavala is known to be scenic, winding through the ghats with hills and waterfalls to see. The best time to undertake a bike trip from Mumbai to Lonavala would be right after the monsoon. This would be at the end of September and October. The waterfalls are still swollen with rainwater but the risk of skidding and landslides is greatly reduced. 

Do not take a bike trip during the monsoon months as the risk of an accident is too great. You can also take the trip from November to February, when the winter season makes the weather chilly and the hills are covered with fog. Make sure you carry a warm jacket if you plan on a trip during this time as Lonavala, being a hill station, can get quite cold.


Whether a born and bred Mumbaikar or someone just dropping in, the bike trip from Mumbai to Lonavala has to be on your list. You can even make it a one-day trip, but we recommend staying the night in one of the cheap accommodation options in Lonavala. Don’t wait any longer, plan the trip now!

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