Mumbai is the most populous city in India. This mega city literally never sleeps, with a constant movement of people and traffic that characterizes it. With this much movement, it is important to notice the method behind the madness. This is where road safety rules in Mumbai come into play. Whether you’re a Mumbaikar or not, driving and riding here can always seem intimidating. But keep these rules in mind, and you’re good to go. It will help avoid careless mishaps as well as brushes with the law.

Road Safety Basics

It is important to understand the road markings and road traffic hand signals. Road markings help you understand what is allowed and what isn’t (eg. overtaking, switching lanes), while hand signals are other drivers’ ways of communicating with you. Misunderstanding these can lead to mishaps. Not complying to these signals, or breaking the road safety rules in Mumbai can lead to being fined or even imprisoned.

Road Safety Rules In Mumbai For Motorists

  • Wear helmets: This rule applies to all kinds of two-wheelers. Both the rider and the passenger riding pillion must have helmets on.
  • Obey all traffic signs: Understand all the road signs and obey them.
  • Carry Valid Driving license: License and other original documents like RC (Registration Certificate) book, Insurance papers, PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate must be on you when driving your vehicle.
  • Drive Side: Always drive on the left side of the road. Overtake from the right of the vehicle you wish to overtake.
  • Use of side indicator lights: Always use the side indicator lights when changing lanes.
  • Obey Speed Limits: Irrespective of how empty the road is, always adhere to speed limits.
  • Do not Drink and Drive: The Mumbai Traffic Police has only gotten even stricter about this rule. Driving under the influence is a punishable offence. Not just alcohol, riding under the influence of any drugs is against the law.
  • Drive slow: Certain areas like the roads around hospitals, schools and colleges have a mandate that  you must drive slowly and refrain from honking or parking.
  • Care for Pedestrians: School going children and senior citizens are to be allowed to cross the road. In addition, zebra crossings must always be observed.
  • Follow Parking Rules: Parking improperly on busy roads, in narrow lanes, at corners and at locations with NO PARKING signs is illegal. As much as possible, park at ‘pay and park’ zones to ensure vehicle safety.
  • Do not overload: Every vehicle comes with booklets and guidelines. Follow the weight limit and do not overload your vehicle.
  • ‘L’ sign for Learners: A big, red L sign on a car is a clear indication that the driver inside the vehicle is learning. Give them safe distance and do not pressurize them with incessant honking.
  • Avoid Mobile Phones while driving: It takes less than a second for your attention to falter on the road, leading to accidents. Avoid looking at or using your phone when you’re riding. Safely stop at the side of the road if it is an urgent matter that needs your attention.
  • Use Fog Lights & SOS for safety: Using your fog lights and the SOS light in heavy rain or fog helps other vehicles to drive safely while maintaining proper distance.
  • Honking: Irrespective of your hurry or impatience, honking should be your last option. 

A vital aspect of safety which doesn’t get enough importance is physical and mental health. Sure, you need to be fit enough to ride, but at the same time, you also need to be in a good frame of mind. Immense amounts of stress can affect our decision making on the road, so it’s best to avoid riding when not in the best shape mentally, or even physically. Don’t underestimate your physical injuries. 

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Beyond these points, it’s important to remember that riding recklessly is also a punishable offence. Moreover, it’s just irresponsible because you could be a threat to not just your life, but also to those on the road. It all boils down to being more responsible as a rider and thinking about your own safety as well as those on the road.

Following the rules of road safety is a simple yet important duty we must all obey. Taking responsibility to be safer pedestrians and drivers not only helps improve our safety, but the safety of the other on the road as well. Keep these road safety rules in Mumbai in mind, and explore the City of Dreams with ease.

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