Rajasthan is a state filled with forts and histories, camels and handicrafts, and some amazing food. Its capital city Jaipur is equally famous – a mini-Rajasthan with just as many sites. However, there are several treasures to be explored within a stone’s throw away from Jaipur. When in the Pink City, consider taking a day trip to one of these several locations. Additionally, skip the taxis or cars and head there on motorbike for the best road trip. From the haunted to the historical, from distance to time, we’ve covered it all. So read on to know more about the day trips from Jaipur.


Known as the Lucknow of Rajasthan, this quaint little town is located on the banks of the Banas river. When here, ride around visiting its old mosques and havelis, reminiscent of another age. Definitely visit the Sunheri Kothi, or the Mansion of Gold, which looks like a royal jewel in this old town. The magnificent mansion was built by Nawab Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Khan, once the Nawab of Tonk. Or, just chill by the riverside with a few friends for company!

Distance: 102 kms
Route: Jaipur – Kota road
Time: 2 hours


The town of Pushkar is a famous destination among devotees and religious pilgrims. It also makes for the perfect biking road trip from Jaipur. It is flanked on three sides by hillocks, and sits on the banks of the famous Pushkar lake. You can explore the entire town by bike within a day. If you’re looking for a little adventure, you can take a camel ride through the desert. Your route from Jaipur to Pushkar runs straight and smooth on NH 8, one of the best highways in India.

Distance: 150 kms
Route: Jaipur – Ajmer highway, NH 8
Time: 2.5 to 3 hours

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Sambhar Lake

Looking for the perfect weekend getaway, not too far yet relaxing enough? Head to the Sambhar Lake. The Sambhar lake is India’s largest inland salt water lake, and a top destination among those looking for a peaceful getaway from Jaipur. Carry a few snacks or pack a lunch, and ride out here for a pleasant picnic. Every year between the months of June and November, flamingos flock to the lake as part of their migratory journey. Nature lovers, this one’s for you!

Distance: 82 kms
Route: NH 48
Time: 2 hours

Bhangarh fort

Thrill seekers and horror lovers, the 17th century Bhangarh fort has to be on your bucket list. Famed as one of the most haunted sites in Asia, the town surrounding the fort is a ghost town, abandoned by everyone. There are rumours and stories galore about the spirits that walk the fort and its ramparts at night. Hire a guide if you wish to be enthralled. However, in the daytime, Bhangarh fort makes for a pretty sight to see. It offers splendid views of the surrounding stretches of land, and haunted or not, certainly is hauntingly beautiful.

Distance: 84 kms
Route: NH 21
Time: 2 hours


Abhaneri, a mere two hours’ ride from Jaipur, is famous for a stepwell you’re sure to be familiar with. The Chand Baori is a deep stepwell, with aesthetically pleasing geometric steps carved into its walls. The steps lead downwards, 13 stories deep, and is sure to take your breath away. The baori is over 1000 years old, a testament to the genius of the olden times, and is completely Insta-worthy!

Distance: 93 kms
Route: NH 21
Time: 2 hours

Jaigarh fort

Constructed in 1726 AD as protection for the Amer Fort, the majestic Jaigarh fort is a sight to see. It is connected to the Amer fort by subterranean passages which are not open to the public. Don’t be disappointed, as the real sight is Jaivana, the world’s largest on-wheel cannon! Take a walk through the Aaram Bagh gardens and admire the maze of passages the fort is riddled with. Reaching the fort involves a scenic ride up to the Cheel ka Teela – the Hill of Eagles. Jaigarh fort offers a fantastic panoramic view of the city of Jaipur, and is perfect for a short getaway from the city bustle.

Distance: 15.5 kms
Route: Amer road
Time: 35 – 40 mns

Nahargarh Fort

Seated in the lap of the magnificent Aravalli range, Nahargarh fort imposingly looks down on the land below. Nahargarh fort, along with Jaigarh and Amer fort, were the three safeguards of the region, meant to defend it. It literally translates to ‘abode of tigers’, and while you won’t spot a tiger, there’s plenty more to see here. Apart from the amazing view, you can also see the Wax museum and the Sheesh Mahal (Glass Palace). The fort also has a restaurant, so head out there for a day trip from Jaipur, dine in the fort and make your way back after a day well spent!

Distance: 19 kms
Route: Amer Road
Time: 45 minutes

Jhalana Wildlife Sanctuary

After covering the haunted, the historical and the Insta-worthy, there’s one main category left – the wildlife bounty. The Jhalana Wildlife Sanctuary is in close proximity to Jaipur, and it is almost surprising how much natural beauty is located so close to the city. Alongside a wide range of birds and beasts, the Jhalana sanctuary is home to a number of leopards. The park offers safaris on which you could spot one of these big cats in their natural habitat.

Distance: 8 kms
Route: Bhawani Singh Road
Time: 15 – 20 minutes


Now that you know all about the best spots for a day trip from Jaipur, consider renting a bike to make your experience so much better. Each of these locations is perfect to be reached by bikes, and the experience of your buddies and bikes for company is unbeatable. Whether you reside in the Pink City or you’ll be there on a trip, we can help you out. Just get those bags packed for the best day trip from Jaipur! Here’s the list of best bike rentals in Jaipur.

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